Giant Door

Giant Run-Chicken Door

Experience ultimate peace of mind with our largest door yet. Sleep in or head out on vacation, confident that our reliable system manages the opening and closing for your larger poultry breeds effortlessly!


In response to the overwhelming demand from our community for a solution tailored to larger breeds, we created the Giant model of the Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door. Our customers voiced a need for a robust door that could comfortably accommodate larger birds like Brahmas, Jersey Giants, turkeys, and ducks. The Giant is our answer to these requests, ensuring that owners of big feathered friends no longer have to compromise on safety and convenience.

Tailored for Larger Breeds

Responding to community needs, we crafted the Giant model specifically for larger poultry such as Brahmas and turkeys, focusing on enhanced safety and convenience.

Save time

Using the button for setup, you’ll never forget to open and close your coop door again. The Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door enables modern and efficient farming.

Battery powered

The doors are battery-powered and run on four AA alkaline batteries (included). The high-quality batteries should last you a whole year.

Plug and Play

A combination of hardware doors and light-sensing software that enables the door to be fully operational without interference, making it very easy to install and adjust.

Safety precautions

This door is a smart device, meaning that the motor’s power is at its lowest setting when the door starts closing. Therefore, if anything were to get stuck in between the closing door the motor automatically stops the door.

Delay the opening and closing

The door opens and shuts at the time of your choice if you choose to set the time using the button on the device. It also has a Light Sensor that excludes all artificial light sources, such as sensor lights, street lights, or flashlights.

Eco-friendly material

The door is constructed from solid aluminum for maximum durability in all weather conditions. It features a high-quality powder coated with a fine structural color, designed specifically for challenging external environments.

Collect your eggs without a care

The Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door protects your chickens from the dangers of the wild and the Direct-Drive Sprocket keeps the coop door shut until morning.


5.3 lbs
2.4 kg 
23.6″ x 15.7″ x 1.8″ inches
60 x 40 x 3.4 cm
Color Options
Red, Gray, & Brown

Product Packaging Size
 25.2 × 16.54 × 1.8 inches
64.01×42.01×4.50 cm
Experience a new level of convenience and security with the RUN-CHICKEN Giant Door. Specifically designed for larger breeds, this robust and easy-to-install door automates your poultry management, keeps your big birds safe, and streamlines your daily routines. Upgrade today and see the transformative impact on your poultry care.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

about RUN-CHICKEN T50 Door
  • Why do I need an automatic coop door?

    “RUN-CHICKEN automatic chicken door is a product I would whole-heartedly recommend to any poultry owner, as this will work as an automatic duck door as well. This automated door has made my life easier as a chicken keeper and it keeps the chickens safe. I think this is something every poultry owner should try. This is the best door opener for a chicken coop, and it looks great as well.” —Linnea, The Farmers Cupboard.

  • How does the RUN-CHICKEN door work?

    The RUN-CHICKEN door is set to default factory mode which works fantastically for 95% of users. It opens automatically every morning 20 minutes after sunrise and closes 20 minutes after sunset using a light sensor. It can also be programmed using the button or the RUN-CHICKEN app.

    For more information watch this video

  • How does the RUN-CHICKEN door know what time it is at my home?

    The door has built-in GPS technology that automatically detects the time zone and calculates the local sunrise and sunset times for automatic operation.

  • Can the RUN-CHICKEN door crush my chickens?

    No, it has a safety mechanism that detects if any chickens are in the way when the door is closing. It will stop, reopen, and then try to close again to ensure the safety of your chickens.

  • Does the RUN-CHICKEN door work on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

    The T50 model operates using light sensors and timers, with settings adjusted via Visible light communication (VLC) technology. It does not require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for its operation.

  • What kind of material are the RUN-CHICKEN doors made of, and how thick are they?

    The doors are made of aluminum, with varying thickness for different components, coated in high-quality, non-toxic powder paint for durability.

  • What array of colors does the RUN-CHICKEN Automatic Coop Door come in?

    The door is available in three colors: Red, Brown, and Gray. Limited edition colors are also periodically available.

  • How long will the RUN-CHICKEN door last?

    RUN-CHICKEN doors are made in Europe using sturdy aluminum, making them durable and long-lasting under various environmental conditions.


about RUN-CHICKEN T50 Door
  • What should I do if my product arrives damaged?

    Damage during transport is very rare. If you notice any visible or hidden damage, report it immediately to the carrier within seven days and to our customer support within 21 days of receiving the order.

  • My RUN-CHICKEN door isn't running smoothly. What should I check?

    Check for overtightening of screws and loosen them slightly. Ensure there’s at least 12 inches of space above the door and verify that the door is mounted vertically and level. Also, clean any dirt from the door and rails with a cloth and warm water.

  • What if the RUN-CHICKEN door doesn't open or close?

    Replace the batteries if they are empty. Reset the door to factory settings if a software error occurs (hold the button for 15 seconds or remove and reinsert the batteries after a minute). Ensure the light sensor isn’t obstructed or affected by artificial lights like IR cameras or heat lamps.

  • How does the RUN-CHICKEN door perform in cold temperatures?

    The door is designed to function in temperatures from -15°F to 140°F. If the door freezes, unfreeze it before operation. Consider installing a canopy over the door to protect from heavy snow and frost.

  • The door isn't working even after I changed the batteries. What next?

    Ensure the new batteries are installed correctly, matching the + and – signs. If the issue persists, contact our customer support for further assistance.

  • I programmed the timer, but the door isn't operating as set. Why?

    Ensure your screen brightness is at maximum and battery saver is off. Verify that the unit is in programming mode (blue light mode) and ensure the screen is properly aligned with the sensor during programming. Some screens may not work correctly due to refresh rate issues; try a different device if necessary.

  • What power source does the RUN-CHICKEN door require?

    The door is battery-powered, requiring two AA alkaline batteries. It cannot be powered by electricity, reflecting a design choice for optimal battery use.

  • Which batteries are recommended for the RUN-CHICKEN door?

    Use high-quality AA/LR6 batteries, such as Duracell or Panasonic, to ensure reliable operation for up to a year, even in very cold climates.

  • How do I know the batteries need changing?

    A green light indicates batteries are charged, while a red blinking light shows the batteries are low. If the red light blinks and you don’t change the batteries, the door will remain closed to keep your coop secure.

  • What does a blinking blue light on the door indicate?

    It signals that the door is preparing to open or close, indicating a change from day to night or vice versa.

  • Can the RUN-CHICKEN door be installed on mobile or unconventional coops?

    Yes, the door is versatile enough to be installed on various coop types, including mobile and tractor coops.

  • Is installation of the RUN-CHICKEN door complicated?

    The door is designed for easy installation with minimal tools required. It should be installed upright for proper operation, and an installation video is available for guidance.


For any further questions or detailed instructions on assembly and mounting, please refer to the instruction manual provided with your nesting box, or contact our customer support team for assistance