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Premium Supplement for Laying Hens

Support your hens during heat stress with EggUp. This premium supplement helps cool and soothe hens, improve egg quality, and is easy to administer through drinking water or feed.


EggUp: Premium Supplement for Laying Hens


  • Heat Stress Relief: Helps to cool and soothe hens during hot weather conditions.
  • Improved Egg Quality: Supports better egg production and quality by providing essential nutrients.
  • Easy to Use: Can be administered through drinking water or feed with clear, simple instructions.

Description: EggUp is a complementary feed specifically designed to support laying hens during times of heat stress. This premium supplement helps your chickens stay cool and comfortable, enhancing their overall well-being and productivity.

Key Ingredients: A blend of propylene glycol, dextrose, Vitamin E, eucalyptus oil, menthol, and peppermint oil.

Volume: 200 ml plastic bottle with a measuring cup.

Usage Instructions:

In Drinking Water:

  • Dosage: Mix 10 ml of EggUp into 1 liter of drinking water for laying hens.
  • Instructions: Fill a container with 1 liter of drinking water, add 10 ml of EggUp using the measuring cup, mix thoroughly, and offer to the chickens. Prepare a fresh drink daily.
  • Application: Use for 5 to 7 consecutive days. If necessary, continue daily.

In Feed:

  • Dosage: Mix 20 ml of EggUp into 1 kg of feed for laying hens.
  • Instructions: Mix 20 ml of EggUp with a small portion of the feed, then combine thoroughly with the rest of the feed.
  • Application: Use for 5 to 7 consecutive days. If necessary, continue daily.


  • One bottle of EggUp is sufficient for 20 liters of drinking water or 10 kg of feed.
  • Daily Dosage: 1 liter of drink for up to 5 laying hens, 1 kg of feed for up to 10 laying hens.


  • Store in well-closed original packaging, in a dry and cool place at temperatures up to 25°C.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of production.

Ensure your hens stay healthy and productive even in the heat with EggUp. Try it today!