RUN-CHICKEN Automatic Chicken Coop Door: A Must-Have for Your Backyard Flock

Modernizing chicken coops to raise chickens more efficiently in today’s fast-paced world is becoming increasingly popular, with technology advancing daily. One game-changing piece of technology to consider is an automatic chicken coop door from RUN-CHICKEN. Have you heard of an automatic chicken coop door? If so, you likely know its major advantages and are considering purchasing one. If not, here’s why an automatic chicken coop door is so beneficial.

Raising Chickens: Rewarding but Challenging

Raising chickens is a rewarding experience, offering fresh eggs and companionship. However, it can also be a lot of work. Keeping chickens involves waking up early to let them out, providing proper nutrition and space, and ensuring they are safely tucked away at night. This routine can become overwhelming, especially with a busy schedule.

What is Automatis Chicken Coop Door?

An automatic chicken coop door is exactly what it sounds like—a door that opens and closes automatically. Run-Chicken’s automatic coop doors are smart devices you can connect to your phone. They can open at a set time or via a light sensor, meaning they open at sunrise and close at sunset, or can be scheduled to specific times.

How Does a Run-Chicken Automatic Chicken Coop Door Work?

Run-Chicken automatic chicken coop doors feature a light sensor sensitive enough to detect the sun’s first rays, opening the door at dawn and closing it at dusk. They can also be set to operate on a timer, allowing you to choose specific opening and closing times. This feature is particularly useful for giving your chickens more outdoor time or for breeds that don’t automatically roost at sunset. The timer setting can also help train your chickens to enter the coop at a certain time, ensuring their safety.

Easy Installation and Setup

Installing a Run-Chicken automatic chicken coop door is quick and easy. All you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver—everything else is provided. Simply position the door, tighten a few screws, and it’s ready to use. These doors are battery-operated and come preset to open at sunrise and close at sunset via a light sensor, with easy instructions for customization.

Benefits of a Run-Chicken Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Now that you understand how Run-Chicken’s automatic chicken coop doors work, let’s highlight the major benefits for your flock and yourself.

Flock Advantages

  • Protection: Made from high-quality, solid aluminum, Run-Chicken’s automatic coop doors provide a strong defense against predators like raccoons, foxes, and birds of prey. These doors don’t have a latch, making it impossible for predators to open them.
  • Aids in Coop Training: An automatic door helps train your chickens to enter the coop at night, ensuring their safety. Consistent opening and closing times help them learn to roost on schedule.Improved Egg Production: A secure coop helps chickens feel safe and stress-free, which can lead to better egg production.



A game-changing piece of technology to add to your chicken coop is an automatic chicken coop door from RUN-CHICKEN.


Personal Advantages

  • More Sleep: With an automatic door, you won’t need to wake up at dawn to let your chickens out. The light sensor setting opens the door at sunrise, allowing you to sleep in.
  • Time-Saving: An automatic door saves time by reducing daily chores, giving you more freedom to do other things.
  • Freedom to Travel: An automatic door allows you to take short trips or vacations without worrying about your chickens. A sitter only needs to check on food and water, reducing their interaction with the chickens.

Cost and Investment

Run-Chicken’s automatic chicken coop doors cost around $180. Considering the time, effort, and money you’ve invested in raising your chickens, this is a small price to pay for their safety. An automatic door can prevent the loss of your entire flock to predators, making it a worthwhile investment.


In conclusion, an automatic chicken coop door from Run-Chicken is a game-changing piece of technology worth the investment. It saves your flock from predators, keeps them safe and happy, and is cheaper than replacing an entire flock. It also saves you time and effort, making chicken-keeping more manageable in today’s fast-paced world.

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