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The RUN-CHICKEN automatic chicken door is a product I would whole-heartedly recommend to any poultry owner, as this will work as an automatic duck door as well. This automated door has made my life easier as a chicken keeper and it keeps the chickens safe. I think this is something every poultry owner should try. This is the best door opener for a chicken coop, and it looks great as well.
Wonderful, well made, product. Came within expected time frame. Works well and has saved me many trips out the the coop in frigid weather. The weather has been below -0 deg F for its first week of use and the automatic door has preformed wonderfully. Looking forward to years of continued use with no more wondering if someone has closed or opened the coop door.
RUN-CHICKEN door made a huge difference in my life. Before, I couldn’t go on all-day trips, fishing, or visit my friends in the late afternoon because I had to be home at a certain hour to close the chicken coop. Sometimes I asked my friendly neighbors if they could do it, but I don’t want to bother them too often. The Run-Chicken door opens and closes automatically. I can do other chores now in the morning and have no worries. It works perfectly!


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