About Us

RUN-CHICKEN is a brand of RUN-TIGER Company.

RUN-TIGER is a young and passion-driven startup, established in 2018 by an engineer with a vision. This technology-driven company focuses its production mainly in the development, design, and creation of utility products. Its vision for the future is to develop advanced technology in the energy field and impact all areas of science.

Being a developing company, we are challenged every day to look beyond what already exists. RUN-TIGER utilizes the power of innovation in the process of creating a better human experience. And with that perspective in mind, we started creating and selling Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Doors.

The Model T12 was our first product. Then, after a lot of customer feedback, we created the Model T40—a number-one seller on Amazon and RUN-CHICKEN’s website. This drove us to produce an even better product. With the help of our customers’ feedback and valuable information, we now present the new and improved Model T50.

Along the journey of building and developing the RUN-CHICKEN brand, our team has grown into a team of many. We are all truly grateful for customers purchasing and using our products, and we hope that you will enjoy them for a long time.


Jure Markic


Business Director RUN-TIGER LLC

Coop corner - Jure Markic

A life without purpose is not a life at all. I have always believed in the notion of creating something greater than just an idea: something that is better than okay, gives us purpose, a sense of accomplishment, and the drive to never relent, keep on innovating, creating, and forging into the future with exploration and great new ideas. Being an engineer who has been developing for years has given me a different perspective on how the power of innovation can be utilized in the process of creating a better human experience. This perspective led to the birth of RUN-TIGER.

 – Jure Markic